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KEP Interiors is fantastic! Great eye for mixing color and textures. She is very professional, polite, and eager to find the perfect mix for the project and has abundant resources. I hired her for multiple rooms in my newly renovated home and LOVE how everything looks. KEP comes highly recommended.

Erma Russo

Kim is amazing! She helped me give my smoothie shop a facelift with new paint colors and lights. The difference is AMAZING!! Looks like a totally new place. Everyone that comes in now raves about how good it looks!!! She is very professional and has a great eye for what looks best in the space. I would highly recommend KEP Interior Designs!

Bethany DiPetrillo

I was looking for new Window treatments for my living room but had no idea where to start. Kim made the process so easy and fun that I ended up redoing 5 rooms! The quality of her products and craftsmanship was top notch and well worth the price. I strongly recommend KEP Designs to help make your home beautiful.

Robin Erban

Working with Kim has been a wonderful experience. Her creative sense is chameleon like, adapting her skills to design a room to fit YOUR style. She is quick to respond in communications, enormously helpful with providing sample selections and always goes the extra mile to make the project easy and convenient for you. Without hesitation, I would recommend Kim for your next interior design venture. This talented and amicable woman will deliver your dream come true.

Kim has been providing decorating service as well as friendship and consultations to us for years. We actually invited Kim to view the last home we purchased in 2014 before purchasing it. We not only value her great sense of decorating style, but her insight as well. Kim is always honest and works tirelessly to provide the very best to her clients. She is the ultimate professional and always has your best interest at heart. Kim is well respected by other professionals in the field. Kim always sees projects through until the very end, even when she is on a well deserved vacation. She is like a breath of fresh air! What is there not to love?

We have been working with Kim Peterson and KEP Interior Designs for almost two years on a major remodel to our 1895 Rhode Island home. Not only is she a superb designer with excellent taste – she ended up being much, much more. As we were working long distance from across the country to remodel our home, Kim essentially became our second general contractor. She worked with all of the sub contractors on all aspects of the job: from lighting to tile, from appliances and fixtures to flooring, from painting to landscaping – Kim helped select, arranged for delivery, and organized the installation and completion of these and many more. Her knowledge of and positive working relationships with so many professionals in the industry proved invaluable, and we constantly relied on her solid experience. Once construction was complete, we enjoyed many long distance conversations and several fun-filled visits to work on the design of the interior of our home. Kim has wonderful taste, and we soon filled the rooms with fresh, nautical inspired furniture and fabrics. Kim coordinated window treatments, bedding, rugs, outdoor furniture, paintings and many other decorative features in the home, including custom wrought iron cabinetry and a custom dining room table. We are beyond thrilled with the final result of our vacation home – it flows together seamlessly, from inside to out. We highly recommend Kim and KEP Designs!

Susan Hoey

For the past 18 years, KEP Interior Designs has helped me decorate two homes and two condominiums. Kim Peterson has guided me in choosing balloon shades, valances, draperies, toss pillows and bed skirts, as well as wall paint colors, wallpaper, crown moldings and flooring options. KEP honored all budget expectations, completion deadlines, and did so in a professional manner. KEP Designs is both innovative and creative in assisting clients in their decorating plans. Remodeling a home can be a joy with KEP Interior Designs.

When Red House needs to send in an organized, consummate professional to help clients make decisions on paint colors or selections, Kim Peterson with KEP Designs is always prepared, always professional, always on target. We have never given Kim a client she hasn't kept long term. Thank you, Kim, for years of great work!

Red House Custom Building

Kim is the perfect person to work with. She handles everything calmly and professionally, while being a very good decorator and "friend" in the process. She has an excellent eye for what will make the room, or the house, or whatever she's working on a stunning and comfortable place. She'll go out of her way to make "it" right for the client. She's the best.

We're currently on our third remodel project with Kim. She was instrumental as we remodeled and added on to our primary residence, completely remodeled a ski house and now as we remodel an historic beach house that will someday serve as our permanent home. Kim has an excellent ability to visualize the potential of any space and then the attention to detail to make the vision a reality. She works extremely well with all contractors and is ready with a recommendations for all types of specialized resources. I could not imagine attempting any project, big or small, without consulting Kim.

Kim was sent to me by another professional to help choose drapery fabric. She went above and beyond what she had to do. When we were done I ended up purchasing drapery for 2 rooms instead of one and had chosen paint colors for all the rooms of my house. She oversaw the details of making and installation of both the drapes as well as a cornice which I had made by someone else.

Mary Fasano

Over the past 22 years Kim and I have worked together on many projects. Besides being very talented, she is professional, commited and loyal to her clients and brings a sense of ease that makes her clients feel relaxed. As her fabrication workroom I can say that her attention to detail and knowledge of color and pattern makes her projects stand out. Kim is a designer that I choose to pass on to my clients again and again.

Fabrication Studio