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What is a Cool Color?

What is a Cool Color?

Cool colors are comprised of blue, green and purple and gray and any combinations of them all.

Cool colors may make you think of water and sky and are often referred to as summer colors. Cool colors will make things seem to recede, and are great to be used in small spaces in order to make them feel larger. They work best in a room that has lots of natural light, and can make a large room feel unwelcoming and cold. These colors have been known to slow your breathing rate, lower body temperature and blood pressure, and provide a general relaxed feeling. The stronger and deeper the colors are the more intense the cooling effect tends to be. These colors can quiet your emotions and sharpen your thoughts, allowing your mind to do its best work. Cool colors encourage good concentration and can aid in sleeping.

These are all important facts to consider when selecting the colors in your home!!

November 3, 2015