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What is a Warm Color?

What is a Warm Color?

Warm colors are comprised of orange, red, yellow, brown and tan and combinations of them all.

As the name suggests, they have a tendency to make you think of fire, heat and sunlight. Warm colors will make things feel closer together, and therefore can provide a cozy feeling. a great solution to a large room that has a vast feeling. A warm color will tighten the space up, thereby providing that more intimate feeling. Warm colors are inviting, and can create an active response in the brain and can bring feelings of excitement, passion and sometimes aggression.
Warm colors can be overwhelming, and are often combined with neutral shades to provide some balance to their heavy feel. Warm colors are energizing. They can make concentration sometimes difficult, and are most preferred by extroverted personalities. Warm colors can make people feel joyful, happy, cheery, and enthusiastic. They can enhance ones appetite and can stimulate activity!!

All of these facts can help you to decide warm colors in your home!!

November 1, 2015